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About me

Living in my Island of Conclusion, located at the corner of Hogwarts which you could find the Hogsmeade, Azkaban, Knockturn Alley, Platform Nine and Three Quarters, Shrieking Shack, The Burrow and collect some ingredients at Diagon Alley to make some potions and buy some owl and parchment. Heading north from within located at the bottom left side is the Mystic Falls where vampires, werewolves and witches roam around. Neighboring town on the right side is the Bikini Bottom where there is a pineapple shape house owned by a Sponge, a rock owned by a Starfish and in between those is a made of rock flat-nose-shape-double-story house owned by a bored and annoyed Squid. On the other hand, on the left side is the The Far Far Away Kingdom where fairytale creatures was lead by Ogres. Populated by Disney, Dreamworks, Pixar characters. This is where I belong.

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